Dressing For A Photo Shoot

Photography is used to showcase a woman that in a way that shows her personality, her character and her uniquely beautiful self. 

You will want to use every advantage to make the most of your photoshoot. That starts with your clothing and accessories.

What you wear plays an incredibly important part in your portrait session. The clothing has a direct effect on how the camera perceives your body and shape. The right clothing combined with good posing allows your photographer to draw attention to or away from the appropriate features to capture a fabulous image. These basics apply to all body shapes and sizes.

1) Shape Your Body

A body-shaper is a MUST-HAVE for everyone! Today's body shapers, like Spanx, are comfortable, effective, and give a natural-looking shape. These figure-flattering undergarments are instrumental in tightening, lifting, shaping, smoothing and firming your womanly curves. Shape wear is not about making you look slimmer but rather it is used to smooth out the silhouette underneath your clothing, which helps women of all sizes and shapes (not just women who wear plus-sizes) appear their best in front of the camera.

2) Pick The Right Clothing

Form fitting clothes is best. Yes, your heard me correctly. You will want to wear more fitted clothing to your photoshoot, so that your photographer can use posing to accentuate or minimize features to flatter your unique shape.  Loose or baggy clothing provide no such opportunity to use the advantage of perception, light and posing to sculpt your shape and create the best image possible.

Clothing cleverness will add sleek lines, so keep these tips in mind. Think vertically, not horizontally. Look for vertical embellishments like decorative zippers. Select plunging necklines instead of scoop or high necklines. Add a long necklace or two. Avoid stripes and complex patterns.  Look for items with gathered waist or belts.

3) Go For Gorgeous

Your images will last a lifetime, so go for gorgeous. Finding unique, beautiful clothing at a reasonable price is easier than ever. Check out these clothing rental sites and select something that makes you shine.

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