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Newsflash . . .  

The black box that is a camera does not capture makeup colors in the same vibrant hues that our human eyes see in the real world. Instead of the mind interpreting the color, the camera lens and image lighting dictate how the face is seen and digitally captured. The picture taking process will definitely make your makeup colors duller than expected and your look much less dramatic than you think..

What does that mean for you? 

It means that makeup matters.  A lot.

So it’s super important for you to understand that photo shoot makeup is very different than the everyday application you normally wear. In fact, the application of makeup for your photo shoot needs to be applied with a heavier hand, look more dramatic, be more exaggerated and, most importantly, be expertly blended. This is true even, maybe even especially, for the 'natural' look.

And,while you can certainly do your own makeup for the shoot by applying more makeup than normal, why stress it? I highly recommend you take this opportunity to treat yourself to a little pampering and have your makeup done by a profession makeup artist (MUA). Go ahead, make an appointment with a local MUA and trust them to infuse color and confidence into your day.


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