Dionisia Ray

The Person

Creative, spontaneous, eager to learn. Slightly quirky outlook on life. Quick to smile, slow to anger, never gives up on a dream. Loves life. Will travel. Pierced. Paradoxical mix of left-brain stability and right-brain abstraction. Can’t dance. Happy.



The Photographer

My fascination with photography began many years ago when I picked up a camera to document my life and my world travels. While photography started as a hobby it has blossomed into a passion for showing others the beauty within themselves and documenting their lives for generations to come. 


The Guiding Principles

Be Unbound  Defy the ordinary.  Have vision without limits.  Be bold.

Radiate Passion  Love what I do.  Inspire others with my energy.  Have fun and be contagious.

Unleash Potential  Invest in myself.  Recharge and live in balance. Play at the top of my game. Support others in doing the same.

Succeed Together  Put relationships first. Share my knowledge and champion others.  Build my family and strengthen my community.

Own It   Be fanatical about service and quality.  Step up and be accountable.  Make it happen.


Dina Ray